About us

What are we?

Nurseryjobs is a recruitment website for individuals working across all levels in the Early Years Sector in Nigeria. Nurseryjobs is designed to help jobseekers find the latest vacancies in the Early Years Education, such as Nursery Assistant, Crèche Nanny, Nursery Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Nursery Manager, Nursery Administrator, Early Years Consultant, Montessori Teacher, etc. Whatever the job Nurseryjobs will assist you in finding the right role.


Why use NurseryJobs?

We are dedicated to helping early years education professionals locate the jobs that match them. Our services have been tailored to ensure recruiters and employers are able to discover the best candidates for their roles too.
Our exclusive and growing CV bank only holds CV’s for qualified and experienced early childhood carers and educators. To help recruiters and employers easily find the right candidate for their role.