What is Nurseryjobs?

Nurseryjobs.ng is a specialist job board for people with qualifications and experience in early years teaching and childcare i.e. teaching and caring for 1-5 year old children.

Preschools prefer candidates who have experience and training in teaching 1-5 year old children in an early years setting.


I can’t upload my CV

If you have trouble using your mobile phone to upload your CV please use a computer. We are working to make our website compatible with most versions of android operating system.


How do I apply for a job? / How do I submit my CV?

To apply for a job on nurseryjobs.ng, read through the job description and at the end of it you will see “Apply Now” button. Click on it to upload your CV. If you have trouble using your phone to upload your CV please use a computer.


I applied for a job but I have not heard back

If you have applied for a job on our website by uploading your CV, that is all you have to do. Nurseryjobs team are not responsible for shortlisting as we do not own the schools.

When preschools advertise a job vacancy on our website they carry out the shortlisting themselves at the end of the job advert which is usually 30 days from the day the job was posted. If you do not hear from them after 5 weeks then it is safe to say that they did not shortlist you for interview on that occasion.

Keep checking our website for new job vacancies as we are working hard to bring more jobs vacancies listed on our website.


I am an employer, how do I post a job?

To post a job on our website, create an employer’s account. You will need to choose and pay for a package to complete your posting.


I am an employer, is it safe for me to use my bank card to make payment?

Yes. Nurseryjobs does not save your payment card details on any of our servers. Instead, your payment details are handled by VouguePay. VouguePay is a leading provider for secure payment processing and your payment card details are always protected.


I am an employer, can I make offline payment in order to post my job vacancy?

Yes you. However you will not be able to publish your job yourself. Your job vacancy will have to be published by us. Email us on contact@nurseryjobs.ng for bank details.